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Nexus Group
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The Nexus Group

The Nexus Group comprises of three business units that operate across our geographical areas of operation. Although they are registered as individual operating companies geared for further expansion, these business units currently function as divisions in Namibia.

Civil Division

Our civil division has capabilities spanning the spectrum of national infrastructure including municipal infrastructure such as environmental rehabilitation, servicing of infrastructure, water storage reservoirs, municipal roads & stormwater. Transport infrastructure including roads, bridges, gravel roads, airport terminals, aprons and runways, labour based projects and railways. read more >>

Building Division

Our building division covers the full range of conventional construction providing infrastructure including hospitals, airports, retail and development of parking lots, residential, office accommodation, educational institutions, stadia, hotels & leisure and industrial facilities. We also undertake select residential developments for major institutions and industrial clients as well as low cost and affordable housing for the public sector. read more >>

Plant and Equipment

In order to maintain the high level of service and support to our stakeholders and keep up with the continuous demand for excellence, we continually invest in our plant and equipment by either upgrading and/maintaining our fleet in ensuring that we are always in a position to deliver. read more>>

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Nexus Group Organogram
Head Office
Address: c/o President and Krenz Street, Outjo, Namibia
Postal Address: P.O. Box 150, Outjo, Namibia
Telephone Number: +264 67 313 770
Fax Number: +264 67 313 768

Oluno Workshop
Address: No 559, Oluno, Ondangwa
Telephone Number: +264 65 246 293
Fax Number: +264 65 241 214

Nexus Ongwediva
Address: Erf 916, Portion of 22 Farm, Townlands, Ongwediva
Telephone Number: +264 65 231 703
Fax Number: +264 65 231 704

September 2014
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