Company Profile

Company Profile

The Nexus Group is one of few truly Namibian construction companies, founded in Namibia and run by the director/shareholders of the company who are 100% Namibian citizens.

The Nexus Group fully adheres to, and is totally committed to Affirmative Action, and is in possession of a valid Compliance Certificate from the Employment Equity Commission.

The Nexus Group is engaged in the construction industry with an annual average turnover in excess of N$500 million during the last three years. For the past twenty years, we have almost exclusively been occupied in the construction of buildings and civil engineering works in the communal areas of the Northern and Central regions of Namibia.

Materials and services of Namibian origin are used, except in instances where the required product is not available in Namibia. Whenever feasible, preference is given to businesses near the contract site.

The customs, religion and practices of the people and the community leaders are respected and conformed to. Activities of the community, e.g. sport and cultural activities, are promoted by means of participation, sponsorship and financial support.

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