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About Nexus

Nexus Group is Namibia’s leading building and civil construction group with and annual turnover of N$ 500 million and over 700 employees.

The Nexus Group is one of few truly Namibian construction companies, founded in Namibia and run by the director/shareholders of...
The Nexus Group comprises of five business unit...
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  • 25 Apr 2023
    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The building is a combination of office space and residential flats build on top of basement parking. (Mixed Development) PROJECT ETA: 12 Months AMOUNT OF CEMENT USED: 201 Bags of Ohorongo CEM II B-LL 32.5N for brickwork and plastering. 4088 bags of Ohorongo CEM II A-LL 42.5N for concrete. RECOMMENDED CONCRETE STRENGTH: 25mpa for columns and slabs and 30mpa for foundations. (Roughly 511 cubes of concrete) CONCRETE PLACEMENT: Both direct discharge and pump mix. A pump was used on higher levels for slabs. PROJECT COMPLETION DATE: August 2022 PROJECT CHALLENGES: Multi-story buildings in itself is a challenge as the time for concrete to reach full streng...
  • 24 Mar 2021
    In this edition you will read about the activities that have  been happening in the past 3months. Latest projects that kicked started recently and progress on some on going projects.
  • 16 Dec 2020
    In this edition you will find the following: New Members ,on going projects, Success motivational and Nexus Charcoal And other exciting articles,make sure to be on the look out for our next newsletter  
  • 26 Oct 2020
    In this month's edition we have the following articles:  Weimann's new Petrosol feuling station Death notice of a fellow colleague Mr.Shipunda Q&A with new members How Covid-19 effected Nexus Celeb of this edition